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The Ultimate Sports Consultant

My background

By trade, I'm an IT Professional with a passion for implementing computer technology in every way possible in order to create additional residual income streams.  After a few years of computer aided statistical modeling, I've been able to generate a modest 55% to 60% win rate, which has translated into a generous sideline income.  Because I enjoy a peaceful and modestly prosperous life, I'm not interested in sharing my picks with everyone or working with everyone that contacts me, and it is also possible that some people may not want to work with me, which is fine.  In fact, because I follow a strict adherence to efficient money management and a moderate sample size of wagers thoughout a 7-day period, most sports bettors do not have such discipline with their betting endeavors, which would make us incompatible for working together.  Nevertheless, after a satisfactory visual consultation via Skype, I will give my day's sports picks without any monetary obligation to those like minded individuals that agree with my approach to sports investing.  After financially benefiting from my sports picks, individuals will be expected to pay me a nominal portion of their winnings (25% to 35%) if they would like to receive future picks.  If for some reason a person chooses not to pay for their previous day's winning picks, no problem.  Trust is a key characteristic for any worthwhile relationship, and I do not want to work with anyone that is not trustworthy.  In order to separate myself from other so-called sports experts or sports consultants, I offer my daily picks with no obligation in order to earn the trust of potential clients.  For me, that is the only way to do business.  If you're interested in putting my sports picks to the test and would like to schedule a video consultation, give me a call at (704) 584-5498.  For everyone that took the time to visit my website and read this information, I'm very appreciative, and I wish you tremendous success with your sports picks and overall life.  Cheers!

Selecting Sports Teams Around The World

Depending on the season, I select games from many different sports (basketball, football, rugby, soccer, etc.), many different leagues (Euroleague, NCAA, MLB, etc.), and in many different countries (U.S., England, France, Brazil, Finland, etc.), which creates significant betting opportunities almost every day of the year.  No matter what country you're from or favorite sport, will help you WIN!

My Winning Philosophy

Beyond picking the right game, efficient money management is critical to winning over the long-run.  No matter the bankroll size, placing the appropriate wager amount based on a strict adherence to wager / bankroll ratios is mandatory, and winning results are inevitable.  

Sports Consulting Done Right


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